Fabric covered notebook Tutorial

As seen here with matching handbag:

The following measurements fit a 3B1 notebook (NZ)

First cut your pieces out as follows:
1 outer fabric approx 19cm (H) by 23cm (W) (2cm longer and wider than the actual notebook)
Another outer fabric approx 11cm (H) by 12cm (W) (for the inside pocket)
2 plain pieces of fabric approx 19cm (H) by 12cm (W)
You should end up with 4 pieces like this:

Use iron-on interfacing for your outer fabric and your pocket.
Fold down 1cm of you pocket and iron flat, sew as shown by red line below:

Fold over one edge of each of the inner fabric pieces. Add pocket (wrong side of pocket to right side of inner fabric) to the RIGHT piece if you would like your pocket to end up on the left hand side of your book.

Iron flat and then topstitch:

Sit these 2 pieces ontop of your outer fabric right sides together:

Sew around making sure you stop in the centre top & bottom. Follow the red lines in the below picture:

Cut your corners so it’s not bulky when turned in the right way and trim all loose threads.

Turn in the right way, iron flat and you should now have this:

Slip your notebook in like so:

And you are done!

You can add a ribbon or closure but I find it a pain to have to keep opening and closing.


4 Responses to “Fabric covered notebook Tutorial”

  1. challenged Says:

    Nice one! I am definitely going to steal this idea! Thanks N!

  2. Ok, so it’s been more than a week « Challenged – steps towards a smaller footprint Says:

    […] for school; fabric covers for all her books (inspired by a Natalie’s tutorial, a new Library bag (I’m so proud of the rear clear pouch bit), a school hat with funky fabric […]

  3. Chiara Handmade Says:

    linked in my blog http://chiarahandmade.blogspot.com/2010/05/tutorial-da-web-quaderni-e-quadernini.html
    beautiful tutorial, love your style

  4. Sandy O Says:

    Oh My gosh!!! This is wonderful, thank you for the tutorial. I have a machine that has been sitting around for almost 2 years! Brand new just waiting for me to have the bravery to pull it out and try it, LOL. And I know how to sew! Thank you for the inspriation :o)

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