Simple lycra waistband full skirt

A skirt in 1/2hr!

First measure your childs waist, my DD (nearly 6yrs) is 50cm and the below measurements are for her:
lycra waistband 48cm long (take 2cm off waist measurement) by 20cm high
Skirt fabric 1.2M long by 33cm high X 2
You will end up with the below (skirt fabric only shows 1 strip but there are 2)
skirt_tutorial 00000

Sew/overlock the short sides of waistband together to make a tube (putting right sides together):
skirt_tutorial 00001

Fold in half with wrong sides together:
skirt_tutorial 00002

You now have a waistband! Now for the skirt..

Sew/overlock short ends together so you now have a tube.
Press and hem skirt, this is easier to do now than at the end of the process.

Baste stitch and gather, reducing to the size of your lycra waistband:
skirt_tutorial 00003

skirt_tutorial 00004

Sew/overlock your waistband onto skirt – put the waistband on the inside of your skirt right sides facing.
skirt_tutorial 00005

Turn in the right way and put on your model:
skirt_tutorial 00006
skirt_tutorial 00007
skirt 00000
skirt 00000


4 Responses to “Simple lycra waistband full skirt”

  1. Chris Fraser Says:

    Great pattern Natalie!

  2. Laura aka Spunkbubble TNN Says:

    Ooh that red is pretty 😀

  3. Michelle ( mumtotwo ) Says:

    Looks great , do you have to alter the length of the 2 fabric strips for the skirt for a bigger size too ? obviously i’d have to make them deeper for my teenager LOL although she’d probably wear a mini !

    • sewingtutes Says:

      The wider it is (my tute says 1.2m wide) the fuller the skirt. I make sure it’s approx 5 times as wide as the waist measurement. So you have 2 pieces that are 1.2M wide (total 2.4m) for a 50cm waist.

      The 33cm length is what I measure from dd’s hip to just above knee. So just take your daughters measurement and replace the tute’s 33cm measurement with yours.

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